Golden Delicious

The fruits of Golden Delicious, one of the world’s best-known apples, are very sweet and juicy. Golden Delicious, which has a high-quality flavor, takes its name from its unique color that resembles gold. This apple, which is shown among the highest quality apples, is recommended to be consumed quickly and freshly due to the loss of weight from the storage process. Golden Delicious is one of the ideal apples for salads.



Underneath the surface


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Large to very large fruit , with cone shape. The basic color is green‐yellow, later turning into golden shade of yellow. Subtly textured skin protects its juicy flesh and is so tender it doesn’t require peeling Crisp white-fleshed apples vary. Grown in a cool climate, creating a sweeter flavor. In warmer growing areas, which makes the flavor somewhat bland. September

September, May