Pink Lady

Such a lady! Taking its name from its color and deserving of this name, Pink Lady. The perfect mix of sweet and tart, this hot bitch is the star of supermarkets around the world. Not as quick as you’d like, and dense enough to drive a nail in, this inextinguishable car stop is a true pioneer as the first apple name to be trademarked.



Underneath the surface


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Small to medium-sized varietal, generally have a round appearance, sometimes displaying a slightly asymmetrical shape with a slanted base. The apple’s skin is glossy, smooth, thin, and chewy, with prominent lenticels scattered across the surface. Fine-grained, firm, and aqueous with a dense and crisp consistency. The flesh is slow to oxidize, retaining its white hue for extended periods, and contains a fibrous central core filled with dark brown, oval seeds Sweet and floral, honeyed finish. October, November

November, April